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Youth Club

beagleThe first year of your pet’s life is full of rapid development and growth and although this time is filled with fun and games there is a lot of information to take on board as well.

To help you adjust to your new arrival and ensure these needs are met all puppies and kittens are invited to join our Youth Club, where our veterinary clinic nurse can answer any queries you may have.

Topics we can discuss range from vaccination, parasite control, the importance of a good diet, behaviour, socialisation, basic training, teeth care and neutering.

Your puppy will then be invited for a regular monthly check ups with our clinic veterinary Nurse to carry out a gentle general health check and ensure your puppy is on the correct parasite treatment.

This is also a brilliant opportunity to socialise them to the practice and make their visits as stress free as possible, as bringing your pet in from a young age will get them used to seeing us in a positive way.