Spring Lodge Veterinary Group in Essex | 24hr Emergency Service

Complimentary dental health check ups at all of our clinics with our Registered Veterinary Nurses.

25% discount on all Royal Canin Dental food.

Do not forget our Pet Health Plan offers our clients year round 10% discount on all food purchased from Spring Lodge Vets and a huge 20% discount on any dental treatment required.

“I have been using Spring Lodge Vet Hospital for many years and would recommend it highly. Not only do they look after my dogs, but I also have a boarding kennel and rely on Spring Lodge to care for all my boarders as well.

I recently had a very ill, much loved Labrador of my own that needed major surgery and could not fault the care and attention that was given to her. She is now back home and enjoying life once more”

Royal Canin dental food at Spring Lodge Vets

Beware of Easter Treats

Every Easter we have to treat at least one naughty pet that has raided the Easter Eggs and overindulged in potentially dangerous levels of chocolate

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Pet Anxiety Month

Anxiety in our pets is an ever increasing issue and is often seen in pets attending any vets practice

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