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Puppy Parties – It’s Time To Party!

puppy at spring lodge vets

Congratulations to our little Angel, she graduated from her first puppy class. Angel is owned by our Veterinary Nurse Sophie and adored by all of the staff here. Angel had a very bad start in life and Sophie rescued her when she was still a tiny puppy from Wallace Kennels. She is a very much loved member of our Spring Lodge family.

Socialising your puppy is crucial to enable them to develop into a well behaved and content adult dog.

Without sufficient socialisation your puppy could suffer from a noise phobia, fear aggression, general anxiety, hyperactivity and other undesired behavioural issues.

So how can we socialise our puppy safely?
Puppy parties are specially designed information evenings held within Spring Lodge for puppies which have received their initial vaccine.

This is the safest method of socialising as all the puppies attending are in the same situation, and have had a complete Veterinary health check prior to the party.

What happens at a Puppy party?
The evening is full of informative talks on Socialisation, Toilet training, Biting and How to perform a health check.

The puppies will have games to play and also off lead play, which can really show how confident your puppy is and often owners are very surprised with their puppy’s reactions!

Each puppy will leave with a goody bag and hopefully ready for the best night sleep ever!!

How do I get an invite to a party?
Each puppy is automatically invited to a party and should receive an invite in the post once they have had their initial vaccination.

Some puppies have already had their initial vaccination with the breeder so please ask at reception and your puppy can be added to the party list!

Who runs the puppy parties?
Puppy parties are run by Qualified Veterinary nurses, Sophie Gilbey RVN and Mary Samson RVN. Both nurses are very experienced with all species of animals and have been running puppy parties since July 2007.

Mary is an experienced dog handler and has been part of a dog display team; this enables her to give advice on general training.

If you require any further information about a puppy party then please contact your Spring Lodge surgery or simply ask at reception.