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Pet Health Plans

Save money and pay monthly for your pet’s essential preventative care

 Spring Lodge Vets pet health plan

How do I join the Pet Health Plan?

Call in at the practice to complete a simple application form which will include full details of the agreement. You will need to bring your bank details.

Alternatively, please call the Pet Health Plans Team on 0800 169 9958 Monday – Thursday 8.30am – 6pm and Friday 8.30am – 5pm to join over the phone.

You will be sent a welcome pack, in which you will find a copy of your full Agreement details. You have 14 days to cancel should you want to.

Pet Health Monthly Payments

puppy and kittenDOGS from £13.99
CATS £12.49

Pet Health Plans are not pet insurance: Pet Health Plans include the regular things (like vaccinations, flea, worm and parasite treatment, health checks and advice) in your monthly payment plan.

However young or old your pet, a Pet Health Plan is designed to adapt to your pet’s needs, from puppy to kitten through to adulthood and throughout their senior years.

pet health plan spring lodge vets

Plus exclusive benefits and discounts:
• Nail clip twice a year with Nurse or Vet at booster
• Anal glands expressed twice a year with Nurse or Vet at booster
• 50% off microchipping
• 20% off all dental procedures
• 50% off Kennel Cough vaccination
• 10% off routine neutering
• 10% off waiting room purchases including food for pets on pet health plan

1) There is a joining fee of £10 per owner (for life). This fee will be collected with the first payment.
2) If you cancel at any time other than on an anniversary of joining the plan, you will be required to pay the practice either the outstanding amount for treatment received, or the monthly payments due until the anniversary of your plan, whichever is lower.
3) No refunds are payable for any months paid before a pet’s death except at the discretion of the practice.
4) Plans and prices valid from 1st February 2019.
5) Puppies join at expected adult weight