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Anxiety in our pets is an ever increasing issue and is often seen in pets attending any vets practice.

Pet Anxiety Month is a new campaign designed to support owners & their pets suffering from anxiety. Through training techniques, natural remedies and/or specially designed diets anxiety can be reduced or even prevented.

Spring Lodge Vets stock a wide range of calming products designed to help pets cope with day to day stresses such as being left alone, travelling in the car or interacting with other dogs/species of animals.

Contact Spring Lodge Vets for further information or to book a complimentary appointment with our Nursing Team.

Dog at Spring Lodge Vets

I took my dog to Chelmsford surgery today to have her nails cut normally she is extremely anxious and gets very upset however today the nurse tried some new distraction techniques using liver paste which work amazingly well!! So much less stressful for everywhere. My dog didn’t want to leave! Thank you!


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