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Could your pet be diabetic?

Diabetes is increasingly common in dogs and cats over 6 years of age. Overweight pets and certain breeds are also at risk.

If you have any concerns about your pet and you have noticed that they are drinking more, always hungry but appear more lethrgic, please book them in for a simple check up (and maybe try to bring in a urine sample if you can!)

For more information www.petdiabetesmonth.co.uk

Diabetic dog at spring lodge vets

I have been coming to Spring Lodge for nearly 25 years and wouldn’t consider going anywhere else.

They provide fantastic care of my pets and I have always found the vets, receptionists, nurses etc welcoming and willing to go the extra mile to help you. I honestly can’t fault them.


Mental Health Week

Mental Health Week

Our pets play such a huge role in our mental health, they are truly wonderful creatures that have the ability to make us laugh, cry and all of the emotions in between!

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