Spring Lodge Veterinary Group in Essex | 24hr Emergency Service

We regularly have hedgehogs handed in to Spring Lodge from concerned members of the public. They are normally juvenile, underweight, injured or sick.

Each hedgehog will be examined by one of our vets then swiftly handed over to Hedgehog Haven to continue with the vital care they need.

How can you help?
• Hedgehogs love to snuffle through leaves &long grass for insects so try if possible to leave areas of wilderness in your garden
• Offer fresh water for them to drink
• Offer fresh dog or cat food around dusk
• Install or make a hedgehog house in your garden to offer shelter
• Watch out for signs of injury or illness with any visiting hedgehogs around or in your garden

baby hedgehog at Spring Lodge Vets Essex

• DO NOT feed them bread & milk
• DO NOT use slug pellets or other harmful chemicals if you have visiting hedgehogs in your garden
• Always check bonfires, large piles of leaves or compost before lighting or using sharp tools to avoid injuring a hedgehog
• Please do not spray a hedgehog with any parasite treatment as this could be toxic